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Pitseolak Ashoona, O.C., R.C.A.

Settlement: Cape Dorset / Kinngait

(1904-1983) — E7-1100

Pitseolak Ashoona was born in 1904 (or 1907) on Nottingham Island in the eastern Arctic's Hudson Strait while her immediate family was travelling from Sugluk (Salluit) on the north coast of Arctic Quebec to the south of Baffin Island. Her first-hand experience living on the land would figure prominently in her artwork. Pitseolak's immediate family included her mother Timungiak, three brothers and a sister, as well as her father Ottochie from whom she learned Inuit legends.

Ashoona would become one of the most prolific of Inuit artists producing over 7,000 drawings in 25 years. Two hundred of her drawings were made into prints and many became a part of the annual Cape Dorset print collections.

Pitseolak's artistic legacy would also continue through her children. She was a mother to 17 children of whom six lived to adulthood. Her adult children also became artists. Her sons are the stone carvers Konwartok (Kumwartok), Ottochie, Kiawak, Namoonie, and Qaqaq (Kaka). Her daughter is Napachie Pootoogook (Napadive or Nawpachee Poottoogook), a graphic artist.  Pitseolak is the grandmother of the artist Ohito Ashoona and is, herself, the niece of the artist Kiakshuk.

In her youth Pitseolak would move with her family from camp to camp near to sites now known as Iqaluit and Kinngait. The family's movements would be dictated by the seasons and the migration of game. Her life would change dramatically when her father died suddenly while she was a teenager. Her three brothers arranged a marriage for her to a young hunter named Ashoona in 1922.

As her family had earlier, she and her husband would also live a traditional lifestyle following caribou herds. In the 1940s Pitseolak would lose her husband, who was in his 40s, to one of the epidemics affecting the North at that time. She was left with young children to raise;  her family and other hunters helped her provide for her children.

Pitseolak was quoted as saying about that time in her life: "After my husband died, I felt alone and unwanted. Making prints is what made me the happiest since he died." Taking advantage of a government-sponsored move to permanent settlements during the 1950s Pitseolak would settle in Cape Dorset.

To earn a living and support her children Pitseolak began making clothing such as parkas at the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative. The work was hard and did not pay well, she would receive $12 for each parka she made.

James Houston, an administrator with Northern Affairs, established this first Inuit-owned co-operative. The co-op would give the residents of Cape Dorset, like Pitseolak, a place to produce and market their art from. Profits were shared among members.

With Houston's encouragement Pitseolak made her first attempts at creating art, in her fifties. While she enjoyed drawing Pitseolak did not enjoy working with copper plates, one of the first mediums she was introduced to. Inspired by the example of her uncle, Kiakshuk, Pitseolak tried her hand at drawing. Her first attempts were drawings of monsters for which Houston paid $20. He advised her to choose as her subject matter the traditional lifestyle she had experienced as a child and through her early adulthood.

Through her association with the co-op Pitseolak would prosper with her drawing. She would later encourage her daughters-in-law, Mayoureak and Sorsilitu, to draw, telling them "You'll have a little income of your own."

Pitseolak's artwork is seen as falling into two distinct sets of imagery that occasionally overlapped. In one set the drawings and prints are more narrative and show the traditional Inuit lifestyle. The landscapes that appear in these works are "semi-representational" and illustrate activities such as travelling by various means, living in skin tents, and day-to-day life.

The second set of images originate solely from Pitseolak's imagination and include images of: "spirits, monsters, strangely shaped sea creatures and extravagantly feathered birds" and representations of the spiritual world. These images have been compared to the work of Kiakshuk.

Piseolak's style has been described as "lively, lighthearted, with humour and joy" with a "strong sense of design, balance, colour and energy." She would be among the first in Cape Dorset to try drawing as a means to earn a living and would become the most prolific.  "I became an artist to earn money, but I think I am a real artist."

Pitseolak's first drawings were made with graphic pencil but she would change to coloured pencil crayons and felt markers when they became available. As an artist she would explore a range of media, including acrylics, but coloured felt tipped pens would remain her favourite medium.

She began printmaking, under Houston, in the 1950s. Her earliest prints were stonecuts consisting of images of "solid black or green" 'silhouettes' of figures against a white background. During the years of the mid-1960s to the early 1970s she made engravings slightly tinged with a restricted colour palette of one or two colours.

In the later 1960s she also tried stonecuts which involved more colours as well as lithographs. It has been argued by one observer that her "finest image" of her career and possibly the "most outstanding in the history of northern two-dimensional art" was her 1970 print entitled Festive Bird, a colour stonecut on laid paper printed by Kananginak Pootoogak (60.8 x 85.2cm).

"To make prints is not easy." Pitseolak observed, "You must think first and this is hard to do. But I am happy doing the prints...I am going to keep on doing them until they tell me to stop...I shall make them as long as I am well. If I can, I'll make then [sic] even after I am dead."

Pitseolak would be a part of over 100 group and solo exhibitions during her lifetime. Her life and art would be the subject of two books and many academic and magazine articles. As well, her story would be made into a National Film Board of Canada animated documentary. 

Looking back on her life Pitseolak observed: "I know I have had an unusual life, being born in a skin tent and living to hear on the radio that two men have lived on the moon."

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  • Pitseolak became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy in 1974
  • A recipient of a Canada Council Senior Arts grant in 1975
  • Order of Canada in 1977
  • In 1983 her portrait was placed on a 43 cent Canadian stamp commemorating International Women's Day.


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SNARING A SPRING GOOSE 2019-06 (June 2019)
SPIRIT OF NOOVOOJUAK 2020-03 (March 2020)
SPIRITS 2021-06 (June 2021)
SPRING VISITOR 2021-04 (April 2021)
STONING SPRING GEESE 2010-05 (May 2010)
STRANGE BIRDS 2011-05 (May 2011)
SUMMER BIRDS 2011-11 (November 2011)
SUMMER CAMP 2007-04 (April 2007)
SUMMER CAMP SCENE 2008-06 (June 2008)
SUMMER HOME 2008-04 (April 2008)
SUMMER HOME, 1980 2024-01 (January 2024)
SUMMER JOURNEY 2020-01 (January 2020)
SUMMER SPIRITS 2021-03 (March 2021)
SUMMER TENT OF OLD 2020-02 (February 2020)
SUMMER TWILIGHT 2008-11 (November 2008)
SUMMER VOYAGE 2021-12 (December 2021)
TALEELAYU & THREE SEALS 2008-04 (April 2008)
TALEELAYU AND THREE SEALS 2008-04 (April 2008)
TATTOOED WOMAN 2021-12 (December 2021)
TATTOOED WOMAN, 1963 2023-06 (June 2023)
THE CHASE 2013-02 (February 2013)
THE CHASE; DESPERATE CHASE 2016-09 (September 2016)
THE EGGS BEGAN TO CRACK, 1981 2022-11 (November 2022)
THE INVADERS 2020-10 (October 2020)
THE KAYAK HUNTERS 2008-04 (April 2008)
THE LITTLE OWL 2018-09 (September 2018)
THE OWL AND HAPPY CHILDREN 2022-10 (October 2022)
THE OWL AT SEA 2015-10 (October 2015)
THE RACE 2019-02 (February 2019)
THE RED BIRD 2007-11 (November 2007)
THE RIVER AT NETSILIK 2013-06 (June 2013)
THE SHAMANS WIFE 2019-05 (May 2019)
TILLIGAKTUT 2021-04 (April 2021)
TILLIGUKTUT 2007-04 (April 2007)
TIMIAK AND EQUCHAK 2020-08 (August 2020)
TRIP TO IOODJA 2016-08 (August 2016)
TUKTURA 2017-02 (February 2017)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2019-09 (September 2019)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2007-11 (November 2007)
UNTITLED 2020-03 (March 2020)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2020-03 (March 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2007-04 (April 2007)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-03 (March 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-08 (August 2020)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2019-09 (September 2019)
UNTITLED 2020-02 (February 2020)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2019-06 (June 2019)
UNTITLED 2018-02 (February 2018)
UNTITLED 2019-06 (June 2019)
UNTITLED 2012-03 (March 2012)
UNTITLED 2008-11 (November 2008)
UNTITLED 2007-04 (April 2007)
UNTITLED 2007-04 (April 2007)
UNTITLED 2019-06 (June 2019)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2022-03 (March 2022)
UNTITLED 2020-02 (February 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-03 (March 2020)
UNTITLED 2020-03 (March 2020)
UNTITLED 2008-06 (June 2008)
UNTITLED 2019-11 (November 2019)
UNTITLED 2020-02 (February 2020)
UNTITLED 2019-11 (November 2019)
UNTITLED #4 (BIRD AND AVATAK) 2012-02 (February 2012)
UNTITLED (3) 2007-11 (November 2007)
UNTITLED (BIRD) 2012-04 (April 2012)
UNTITLED (BIRDS AND BEARS) 2012-04 (April 2012)
UNTITLED (BIRDS IN FLIGHT) 2015-06 (June 2015)
UNTITLED (DRAFT FOR A POSTER) 2020-03 (March 2020)
UNTITLED (FEEDING BIRD) 2015-06 (June 2015)
UNTITLED (GEESE) 2012-04 (April 2012)
UNTITLED (MEN FIGHTING OVER FISH) 2011-01 (January 2011)
UNTITLED (POD OF WHALES) 2016-09 (September 2016)
WALRUS AND BEAR 2014-03 (March 2014)
WATCHING THE OWL FISHING 2022-10 (October 2022)
WINTER CAMP SCENE 2009-04 (April 2009)
WITCH WITH FRIENDS 2020-01 (January 2020)
WOLF ATTACKING BIRDS 2015-11 (November 2015)
WOLF CHASING GEESE 2013-05 (May 2013)
WOMAN AND BIRD WITH BERRIES 2020-11 (November 2020)
WOMAN AND DOGS 2021-03 (March 2021)
WOMAN HIDING FROM SPIRIT 2020-02 (February 2020)
WOMAN HUNTING GOOSE 2012-11 (November 2012)
WOMAN WITH DOLL 2019-12 (December 2019)
WOMAN WITH GEESE 2022-03 (March 2022)
WOMAN WITH GOSLINGS 2019-11 (November 2019)
WOMAN WITH ULU 2019-09 (September 2019)
WOMEN COLLECTING KELP 2014-11 (November 2014)
WOMEN PLAYING WITH BEAR CUB 2009-02 (February 2009)
WOMEN PLAYING WITH BEAR CUB, 1975 2023-06 (June 2023)
YOUNG BEARS 2013-11 (November 2013)
YOUNG HUNTERS 2019-11 (November 2019)
YOUNG MOTHER 2008-10 (October 2008)

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