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i u a pi pu pa ti tu ta ki ku ka gi gu ga mi mu ma ni nu na si su sa li lu la ji ju ja vi vu va ri ru ra qi qu qa ngi ngu nga lhi lhu lha

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Koomwartok Ashoona

Settlement: Cape Dorset / Kinngait

(1930-1984) — E7-1102


Arctic Spirit 35 Years of Canadian Inuit Art

Frye Art Museum

Baffin Island Sculpture

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Building on Strengths: New Inuit Art from the Collection

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Canadian Eskimo Art: a representative exhibition from the collection of Professor and Mrs. Philip Gray

Fine Arts Gallery, Montana State University

Canadian Inuit Art

Sponsored by Canadian Arctic Producers at City Hall

Cape Dorset

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Cape Dorset - A Decade of Eskimo Prints & Recent Sculpture

National Gallery of Canada, in cooperation with the Canadian Eskimo Art Committee

Cape Dorset - Selected Sculpture from the Collection of the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Cape Dorset Sculpture

Signature Shop

Carvings and Prints by the Family of Pitseolak

Robertson Galleries

Collector's Choice: 1965-1980

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Contemporary Canadian Eskimo Art

Gimpel Fils

Eskimo Carvings and Prints from the Collection of York University

Art Gallery of York University

Eskimo Sculpture

Winnipeg Art Gallery presented at the Manitoba Legislative Building

Eskimo Sculpture, Eskimo Prints and Paintings of Norval Morrisseau

Art Association of Newport

Granville Island Canadian Inuit Sculpture Exhibition (first exhibition)

Vancouver Inuit Art Society

Heritage of the Inuit: Masterpieces of the Eskimo

Colorado Galleries of the Arts, Arapahoe Community College

In Celebration

Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec

Kiawak, Kumwartok, Kaka: The Sons of Pitseolak Ashoona - Cape Dorset

The Innuit Gallery of Eskimo Art

Kumwartok Ashoona: Sculpture

Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec

Masterwork Sculpture 1985

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Multiple Realities: Inuit Images of Shamanic Transformation

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Sculpture by Kumwartok Ashoona

Image of the Inuit

Sculpture of the Inuit: Lorne Balshine Collection/Lou Osipov Collection/ Dr. Harry Winrob Collection

Surrey Art Gallery

Songs in Stone

The Arctic Circle

The Bear: Sculpture

Albers Gallery

The Collector's Eye Inuit Art from Private Collections

Albers Gallery

The Eskimo

Museum of Fine Arts

The Eskimo World in Carving

Signature Shop

The Inuit Sea Goddess

Surrey Art Gallery, (organized to complement the Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal exhibit of the same name)

The Jacqui and Morris Shumiatcher Collection of Inuit Art

Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery, University of Regina

The Mysterious World of Komwartok Ashoona

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

The Year of the Bear

The Arctic Circle

We Lived by Animals/Nous Vivions des Animaux

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development in cooperation with the Department of External Affairs

Public Collections

Art Gallery of Hamilton


Art Gallery of York University


Canadian Guild of Crafts Quebec


Canadian Museum of Civilization


Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College

Traverse City

Inuit Cultural Institute

Rankin Inlet

Musee des beaux-arts de Montreal


Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia


National Gallery of Canada


University of Lethbridge Art Gallery


Winnipeg Art Gallery



Title Last Sold At Auction
BIRD 2019-11 (November 2019)
BIRD TRANSFORMATION 2019-11 (November 2019)
BIRDS 2007-11 (November 2007)
GOOSE FEEDING 2012-06 (June 2012)
MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURE 2010-04 (April 2010)
SEAL 2017-10 (October 2017)
SEDNA 2013-05 (May 2013)
SPIRIT 2010-11 (November 2010)
SPIRIT BIRD 2013-11 (November 2013)
SPIRIT CREATURE 2018-05 (May 2018)
STANDING BIRD 2013-05 (May 2013)
TRANSFORMATION 2015-06 (June 2015)
YOUNG FALCON 2015-11 (November 2015)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 300 — 500
Sold: May 2018 — Sold For: $264
Estimate: 200 — 400
Sold: Oct 2017 — Sold For: $180
Estimate: 200 — 300
Sold: Jan 2016 — Sold For: $330
Estimate: 150 — 250
Sold: Jan 2016 — Sold For: $120
Estimate: 600 — 900
Sold: Nov 2015 — Sold For: $600
Estimate: 600 — 900
Sold: Jun 2015 — Sold For: $720