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Egevadluq Ragee

Settlement: Cape Dorset / Kinngait

(1920-1983) — E7-1013

Eegyvudluk Ragee was the oldest child born to Pamiaktok and Sorisolutu at the small campsite of Ikarasak, on the southern tip of Baffin Island in 1920.  

When Egevadluq travelled to Cape Dorset (Kinngait) to trade for supplies, she would buy graphite pencil and paper from the West Baffin Eskimo Co-operative. Her early works filled entire sheets of paper,  mythical creatures, bird-animal-human transformations, and images from reality - all randomly intermingled . By the mid-1960s, Eegyvudluk was using wax crayons, or coloured felt pens on paper. 

In 1967, improved housing in Cape Dorset resulted in the Inuit abandoning most of the campsites. Eegyvudluk moved into the settlement, and by the early 1970s, explored the use of arcrylic washes, on which she drew her well-known figures and birds.

"I started drawing because I was 'tususkuk' (when I saw other people doing it, I wanted to do the same things)...When I start to make a drawing, I have a picture in my mind, but when I try to put that picture on paper, my hands won't do what my mind wants. When I have the picture in my head, I can't get it out by my hands. Sometimes I find it hard to draw when my children are in the house; I find it hard to think with so much noise around me. I make the kids go outside." Eegyvudluk, Cape Dorset Print Catalogue, 1978.


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Title Last Sold At Auction
BIRD 2008-04 (April 2008)
BIRD OF THE SEA 2019-04 (April 2019)
BIRD WITH HER YOUNG 2015-06 (June 2015)
BIRD WOMAN 2020-10 (October 2020)
BIRDS & NEST 2009-02 (February 2009)
BIRDS AND NEST 2010-12 (December 2010)
BIRDS OF SPRING 2012-06 (June 2012)
BIRDWOMAN 2020-06 (June 2020)
COLOURFUL BIRDS 2020-02 (February 2020)
DREAM OF WALRUS 2017-10 (October 2017)
FISHERMAN AND WIFE 2014-06 (June 2014)
GOOSE 2021-04 (April 2021)
NELEET 2017-02 (February 2017)
OOPIIT TANISKTUT 2016-04 (April 2016)
OOPLIT TANISIKTUK 2016-02 (February 2016)
OPPIQUTIGA 2011-10 (October 2011)
OUR FIRST WOODEN HOME 2019-06 (June 2019)
OWL WOMAN 2016-06 (June 2016)
OWLWOMAN 2010-01 (January 2010)
PLAYING UNDER A SPRING SKY 2022-10 (October 2022)
RAVEN 2014-01 (January 2014)
SEA SPIRIT 2019-11 (November 2019)
SHAMAN 2021-03 (March 2021)
SHAMAN’S VISION 2008-06 (June 2008)
SKY STARS 2011-11 (November 2011)
SPIRIT AMONGST WALRUS 2017-02 (February 2017)
SPIRIT AND OWLS 2021-06 (June 2021)
SPIRIT IN FLIGHT WITH DOG 2014-06 (June 2014)
SPIRIT OWL 2020-02 (February 2020)
SPIRIT WOMAN 2020-02 (February 2020)
THE FISHERMAN 2012-04 (April 2012)
THE HUNTER 2018-11 (November 2018)
TOTEM 2014-06 (June 2014)
TUNDRA HAWK 2020-03 (March 2020)
TWO FACED SEA SPIRIT 2009-11 (November 2009)
VISION OF CARIBOU 2016-11 (November 2016)
WALRUSES AT PLAY 2021-03 (March 2021)
WATER BABY AND SEA DOG 2015-08 (August 2015)
WOLF POSSESSED BY SPIRIT 2011-11 (November 2011)
WOLF POSSESSED BY SPIRITS 2020-09 (September 2020)
WOMAN OF KINNGAIT 2020-06 (June 2020)
YOUNG BEAR 2016-11 (November 2016)
YOUNG FAMILY 2022-10 (October 2022)
YOUNG GOSLINGS 2019-03 (March 2019)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 150 — 200
Sold: Oct 2022 — Sold For: $96
Estimate: 200 — 300
Sold: Oct 2022 — Sold For: $120
Estimate: 300 — 500
Sold: Jun 2021 — Sold For: $660
Estimate: 150 — 250
Sold: Apr 2021 — Sold For: $180
Estimate: 800 — 1,200
Sold: Mar 2021 — Sold For: $480
Estimate: 200 — 400
Sold: Mar 2021 — Sold For: $192

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