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Jomie Aipeelee

Settlement: Frobisher Bay / Iqaluit

(1963-2020) — E7-2074

First Name: Jomie

Last Name: Aipeelee

Full Name: Jomie Aipeelee

Alternative Names: 

Name in syllabics: N/A

Disc Number: E7-2074

Date of birth: September 11, 1963

Place of birth: Iqualit, Nunavut

Date of death: September 17, 2020


Jomie Aipeelie was born on September 11, 1963 in Iqaluit on Baffin Island in the Nunavut. He has spent most of his life in Iqaluit but has also spent considerable time in Lake Harbour while visiting relatives. 

He is the son of artist Seepee Ipellie, and the grandson of Nuveeya Ipellie. Note that Aipeelie spells his name differently from his father. 

Aipeelie completed his education at grade 8 and went to work at the Ministry of Transport as a carpenter. He started carving at the age of 15 becoming serious about his art at about 22.  Aipeelie comes from a traditional style family background, spending time out on the land both in winter and summer. He continues the traditional way of life - hunting for seals, walrus, caribou, ptarmigan and geese.

Like his father and grandfather, Aipeelie likes to carve muskox, as well as whales, hawks, polar bear, seals, narwhal, ducks, walrus, inukshuks and hunters. His work is very strong and direct.


  • Three Inuit Artists: Grandfather, Father and Son, Arctic Artistry


Title Last Sold At Auction
DRUMMER 2020-02 (February 2020)
MUSK OX 2008-09 (September 2008)
MUSK OX AND CALF 2008-09 (September 2008)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 200 — 300
Sold: Feb 2020 — Sold For: $120
Estimate: 200 — 300
Sold: Sep 2008 — Sold For: $120
Estimate: 300 — 500
Sold: Sep 2008 — Sold For: $258
Estimate: 200 — 300
Sold: Jul 2008 — Sold For: $246
Estimate: 200 — 300
Sold: Jul 2008 — Sold For: $198
Estimate: 400 — 600
Sold: Jul 2008 — Sold For: $318

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