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John Pangnark , ᔭᓐ ᐸᓇ



stone, c. 1970

2.5" x 1.5" x 2.25" — 6.4 x 3.8 x 5.7 cm.

George Swinton, Eskimo Point/Arviat, Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1982, page 13-14.

George Swinton described Pangnark’s works as “carved elegantly, pure and pristine in shape - many of them women with their hoods extended in the blowing wind, or their hands stretched out, ... with a rare feeling of abstraction and for the sheer beauty of curved and hard edged shapes. He couldn’t put any of these thoughts into words but he did what counts most: he made them into sculptures. These were more than mere objects for him; they were sensuous renderings of his sensibility for pure form, with a vague hint of subject matter without which the form had very little conscious meaning for him.”

Estimate: $600—900

Auction Results

Auction Date Auction House Lot # Low Est High Est Sold Price
2017-05-30 Waddington's 24 600 900 2,160.00
2007-04-23 Waddington's 223 2,500 3,500 3,360.00
2007-04-23 Waddington's 219 3,500 4,500 4,320.00

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