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George Pennier

Coast Salish


First Name: George

Last Name: Pennier

Full Name: George Pennier

Date of birth: March 20, 1957

Place of birth: Mission City, British Columbia, Canada 

Community/Heritage: Coast Salish, Sts’Ailes (Chehalis Reserve)

Sex: Male

Art Media: silkscreen prints, acrylics on canvas, wood, carving masks, bowls, plaques and totem poles


George Pennier was born in Mission, British Columbia in 1957, and is a member of the Chehalis Reserve. Pennier began designing and carving in 1976 with help from his cousin Willis Peters. In 1980, he attended a designing and carving course taught by Tony Hunt, where he learned to carve masks, bowls, plaques and further his understanding of Northwest Coast art. In 1981, Pennier worked with Floyd Joseph and apprenticed under Beau Dick and Francis Horne. 


Title Last Sold At Auction
LAND OTTER; SHAMAN MASK 2022-06 (June 2022)
MOON MASK, 2013 2024-06 (June 2024)
SPAWNING SALMON 2019-05 (May 2019)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 1,000 — 1,500
Sold: Jun 2024 — Sold For: $2,560
Estimate: 3,000 — 5,000
Sold: Jun 2022 — Sold For: $3,000
Estimate: 100 — 200
Sold: May 2019 — Sold For: $72

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