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Eugene Isaac

Kwakuitl Nation


First Name: Eugene

Last Name: Isaac

Full Name: Eugene Isaac

Date of birth: March 22, 1958

Place of birth: Alert Bay, British Columbia, Canada 

Art Media: carving, painting, brush and ink, acrylics on paper, wood, leather


Eugene Isaac was born in Alert Bay, B.C. in 1958 to Emma Isaac. Isaac lived with his grandmother, Dorothy, until he was 17. 

Isaac first became interested in art after seeing a painting of a thunderbird by Chief Henry Speck Sr. displayed in a school hallway. His training began in high school when artist Beau Dick came to teach an art course. Dick became an influence for Isaac, who also cites Willie Seaweed, Charlie James, Mungo Martin, Bob Harris, Andy Beans, Doug Cranmer and Wayne Alfred as inspirations.

Isaac’s early work involved designs of killer whales, thunderbirds, sea monsters, and double-headed sea serpents (sisiutl) using a brush and India ink. He then moved on to working with acrylics on paper, wood, and leather. He also carves cedar and alder, and designs and carves leather belts. 


  • 1986: Expo ‘86, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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Estimate: 100 — 200
Sold: May 2012 — Sold For: $84

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