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George Hunt Jr.

Kwakuitl Nation


First Name: George

Last Name: Hunt 

Full Name: George Hunt Jr. 

Alternative Names: Nas-u-niz (Light Beyond the World)

Date of birth: April 30, 1958

Place of birth: Campbell River, British Columbia

Community/Heritage: Kwagiulth Band, Kwakuitl Nation 

Sex: Male

Art Media: acrylic on paper and canvas, limited edition serigraphs, carvings in wood and precious metals, traditional dance costumes, original drum designs


George Hunt was born in 1958 and is from the Kwagiulth Band of the Kwakuitl Nation. Hunt learned how to carve from his father, George Hunt Sr. His step-great-grandfather was the famous Kwakwaka’wakw carver, Mungo Martin. 

Hunt started carving when he was 14 and apprenticed with well-known artists Tony Hunt, John Livingston, Calvin Hunt and Sam Henderson. Hunt is also a well-known and respected traditional dancer amongst the Tlingit, Kwakwaka’wakw and Mawachaht Nations. He was initiated into the exclusive Hamat’sa dance society at the age of 16 by his paternal grandfather, Chief Thomas Hunt. He spent the following years devoting himself to the study of his people’s culture. 


  • 2014: Contemporary American Indian Art, Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art, Overland Park, Kansas, United States
  • 2018: Recent Acquisitions from the Southwest, CN Gorman Museum, University of California Davis, Davis, California, United States
  • 2019: The Story Box, Bard Graduate Center, Upper West Side, New York, United States


Title Last Sold At Auction
RAVEN RELEASING THE SUN 2009-03 (March 2009)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 100 — 200
Sold: Mar 2009 — Sold For: $92.40

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