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Bradley Hunt


First Name: Bradley

Last Name: Hunt

Full Name: Bradley J. Hunt

Date of birth: May 26, 1946

Place of birth: Bella Bella, British Columbia, Canada

Community / Heritage: Heiltsuk

Sex: Male

Art Media: Wood, prints, masks, totem poles, painting, gold and silver.


Bradley J. Hunt is a Heiltsuk Canadian artist. He was born on May 26, 1946 in Bella Bella village, located on Campbell Island, British Columbia. Hunt began to carve at a young age. He attended the Vancouver Art School for two years, later transferring to the University of British Columbia to pursue his Bachelor of Education degree in 1973. Hunt spent 11 years teaching at the elementary school level before becoming a full-time artist in 1985.

Hunt works primarily in wood and creates elaborate totem poles, panels, and masks. He also works in silver and gold. Hunt has created numerous commissioned pieces, such as totem poles and talking sticks. His wooden masks have been used in traditional potlatch ceremonies. Hunt’s work is internationally renowned, having been collected by dealers in Japan, Russia and Germany.

Hunt has served as a mentor and teacher to his two sons, Dean and Shawn Hunt, who are both accomplished Heiltsuk artists. Hunt is based in Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada.



Title Last Sold At Auction
EAGLE MOON PANEL 2018-12 (December 2018)
HUMMINGBIRD PLAQUE 2017-11 (November 2017)
RAVEN PANEL 2018-12 (December 2018)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 2,000 — 3,000
Sold: Dec 2018 — Sold For: $3,600
Estimate: 3,000 — 6,000
Sold: Dec 2018 — Sold For: $6,600
Estimate: 2,000 — 3,000
Sold: Nov 2017 — Sold For: $3,500

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