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i u a pi pu pa ti tu ta ki ku ka gi gu ga mi mu ma ni nu na si su sa li lu la ji ju ja vi vu va ri ru ra qi qu qa ngi ngu nga lhi lhu lha

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Kenojuak Ashevak C.C., R.C.A., ᑭᓄᐊᔪᐊ ᐊᓯᕙ


KENOJUAK ASHEVAK, C.C.. R.C.A. (1927-2013), ᑭᓄᔭᐊ ᐊᓯᕗ, E7-1035, CAPE DORSET / KINNGAIT

stonecut, 1968, 9/50

24 x 34 in — 61 x 86.4 cm

a California private collection

The difference between Iyola’s printed image and Kenojuak’s original felt pen drawing is striking. The drawing was conceived in bright green, orange, yellow, and blue, with a fine crosshatch texture almost overall. This drawing style resembled the engravings of the period but did not lend itself to the stonecut printing technique. The printmaker Iyola opted for strong blocks of colour and a modified texture more suited to stonecut. Interestingly, the print is reminiscent of Kenojuak’s The Enchanted Owl of 1960 (guess who the printmaker was for that print!). We have to say that Triumvirate is a fantastic print, certainly the most memorable of Kenojuak’s images from 1968.

References: this image by Kenojuak was included in the Winnipeg Art Gallery exhibition/catalogue Uumajut: Animal Imagery in Inuit Art (WAG, 1985) cat. 126. It is illustrated alongside Kejojuak’s original drawing in Jean Blodgett, Kenojuak (Mintmark/Firefly, 1985) p. 58.

Estimate: $2,500—3,500

Auction Results

Auction Date Auction House Lot # Low Est High Est Sold Price
2019-05-28 First Arts 41 2,500 3,500 4,800.00
2012-04-30 Waddington's 194 3,000 5,000 4,080.00

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