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i u a pi pu pa ti tu ta ki ku ka gi gu ga mi mu ma ni nu na si su sa li lu la ji ju ja vi vu va ri ru ra qi qu qa ngi ngu nga lhi lhu lha

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Pauloosie Karpik

Settlement: Pannirtuq / Pangnirtung

(1911-1988) — E6-187


50 Inuit Prints

Canadian Arctic Producers in coordination with the Hudson's Bay Company Inuit Art Marketing Service, held at Simpson's

An Enduring Tradition: Inuit Carving from Arctic Quebec

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Arctic Mirror

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Artists and Weavers III: Fine Tapestries from Canadian Arctic

Arctic Artistry

Baffin Island

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Demons and Spirits and those who wrestled with them

The Arctic Circle

Eskimo Art

Queens Museum

In Celebration of the Arts of the Canadian Eskimo of Pangnirtung, N.W.T.

Inuit Art Gallery

Inuit Art: A Selection of Inuit Art from the Collection of the National Museum of Man, Ottawa, and the Rothmans Permanent Collection of Inuit Sculpture, Canada

National Museum of Man, Ottawa and Rothmans of Pall Mall Canada Ltd.

Inuit Games and Contests: The Clifford E. Lee Collection of Prints

University of Alberta

Inuit Graphics from the Past

Arctic Artistry

Inuit Graphics Through the Year: Rare Prints from the Arctic

Arctic Artistry

Inuit Masks

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Inuit Sculpture 1974/Sculpture Inuit 1974

Lippel Gallery

Pangnirtung - Recent Sculpture

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Pangnirtung Community Sculpture

Gallery Phillip

Pangnirtung Print Collection *76

(annual collection)

Pangnirtung Print Collection *84

(annual collection)

Pangnirtung Print Collection *85

(annual collection)

Pangnirtung Print Collection *86

(annual collection)

Pangnirtung Print Collection *87

(annual collection)

Pangnirtung Print Collection *88

(annual collection)

Pangnirtung Print Retrospective: 1973-1986

Organized by Pangnirtung Eskimo Co-operative Limited, Pangnirtung, at Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Sculpture of the Inuit: Lorne Balshine Collection/Lou Osipov Collection/ Dr. Harry Winrob Collection

Surrey Art Gallery

The Abbott Collection of Inuit Art

Winnipeg Art Gallery

The Arctic/L'Artique


The Inuit Imagination

Winnipeg Art Gallery

The Inuit Print/L'estampe inuit

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the National Museum of Man

The Spirit World - 1977 to 1990: Baker Lake Clyde River and Pangnirtung Prints. A retrospective collection exhibited at selected commercial galleries, organized by

Canadian Arctic Producers

Useful Bits of Bone

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Whalebone Sculpture of the Eskimo

Pucker/Safrai Gallery

Public Collections

Canada Council Art Bank


Canadian Museum of Civilization


Clifford E. Lee Collection, University of Alberta


Dennos Museum Center, Northwestern Michigan College

Traverse City

Glenbow Museum


Inuit Cultural Institute

Rankin Inlet

Laurentian University Museum and Arts Centre


Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia


Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre


University of Alberta


Winnipeg Art Gallery



Title Last Sold At Auction
ONE SPECIAL SPRING 2008-10 (October 2008)
A HEAD 2009-11 (November 2009)
A MAN-MADE BOAT 2011-01 (January 2011)
BIG MAN 2021-03 (March 2021)
BIRD 2021-12 (December 2021)
BUST OF A HOODED INUK 2007-04 (April 2007)
DANCING FIGURES 2017-11 (November 2017)
EMBRACING MEN 2011-11 (November 2011)
EXCITED HUNTER 2021-02 (February 2021)
FACE 2010-10 (October 2010)
HAPPY HUNTER 2016-06 (June 2016)
HUNTER WITH ARMS RAISED 2013-07 (July 2013)
HUNTER WITH HARPOON 2015-06 (June 2015)
KNEELING INUK 2012-04 (April 2012)
SEDNA WITH BRAIDS 2009-04 (April 2009)
WALKING MAN 2011-10 (October 2011)
WHALE 2021-09 (September 2021)
WOMAN PLAYING AN ACCORDION 2015-11 (November 2015)

Recent Auction Results

Estimate: 600 — 900
Sold: Dec 2021 — Sold For: $840
Estimate: 150 — 200
Sold: Sep 2021 — Sold For: $144
Estimate: 400 — 600
Sold: Mar 2021 — Sold For: $420
Estimate: 200 — 400
Sold: Feb 2021 — Sold For: $120
Estimate: 300 — 500
Sold: Nov 2017 — Sold For: $240
Estimate: 500 — 700
Sold: Jun 2016 — Sold For: $450