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i u a pi pu pa ti tu ta ki ku ka gi gu ga mi mu ma ni nu na si su sa li lu la ji ju ja vi vu va ri ru ra qi qu qa ngi ngu nga lhi lhu lha

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Tivi Etok


SEAL HUNTING THE OLD WAY; STONECUT 9/50, DATED 1974 (Image, 9.5” x 15”) (Sight, 15.5” x 23.8”)

Est. $100/150

Note: Explanation of syllabics as follows:
“In the old days the hunters got seals by crawling over the ice imitating the actions of the seal until they got close enough to harpoon it. Sometimes it would take a whole day to get a seal this way.”

-Etok, Tivi & Marybelle Myers, Whispering in My Ears and Mingling with My Dreams, Federation des cooperatives du Nouveau-Quebec, 1975, pl. 5, pp.40-41

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Auction Date Auction House Lot # Low Est High Est Sold Price
2013-10-10 Waddington's 83 100 150 108.00

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