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Tamaniitugut (We are Here) | Aedan Corey | August 08, 2022

Categories: news


Aedan Corey Inuuktituurunnalaaqpunga (2022)© THE ARTIST

These pieces, collectively titled Tamaniitugut (We are Here), are a reflection on Inuit sovereignty in many different forms. When we look at sovereignty as Indigenous peoples, we are looking at the reclamation of autonomy. 

Whether this be through practicing our spirituality, exercising our hunting rights, speaking our language, receiving or giving our tattoos, or further expressing ourselves in ways that directly oppose colonial frameworks, this work is imperative in the process of healing from traumas sometimes older than ourselves.


Aedan Corey Aqsarniit (2022)© THE ARTIST



Aedan Corey Untitled (2022)© THE ARTIST



Aedan Corey Iji (2022)© THE ARTIST


Aedan Corey Untitled (2022)© THE ARTIST




Aedan Corey Inuuktituurunnalaaqpunga (2022)© THE ARTIST


Aedan Corey Ilagiit (2022)© THE ARTIST






Aedan Corey Untitled (2022)© THE ARTIST



Writer, traditional Inuit tattooist, and emerging visual artist, Aedan Corey’s work is heavily inspired by their lived experiences as a queer, neurodivergent Inuk. Raised in Iqaluktuuttiaq (Cambridge Bay), NU, they began creating art at a young age. Aedan’s goal is always to inspire and advocate for those within their communities through their artistic practices, letting others know that they are not alone. Aedan currently resides in Ottawa, ON.



This series was made possible with the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

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