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Inuit throat singing workshop kicks off 9th annual Spirit Song Festival

CBC News | November 21, 2021

Categories: news

Workshop is one of several events in the 9th annual Spirit Song Festival

Renowned Inuit throat singer Sylvia Cloutier came to St. John's this week to be part of a celebration of Indigenous arts and culture. 

The ninth annual Spirit Song Festival showcases Indigenous artists and their work. 

"When two women sing together, they are imitating the sounds of the environment. Sounds like birds, the river, the wind, tools that we use," said Cloutier.

Cloutier has been throat singing for over 25 years, and was excited to teach the art to a group of local Inuit women who attended the workshop.

Click the player above to see scenes from Cloutier's workshop, and how she is spreading the knowledge about a "very soothing and very playful" part of Inuit culture.

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